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Welcome to Wings of the North Air Museum – a dynamic learning hub where we:

  • Restore and showcase flying aircraft to bring history to life
  • Honor Minnesota’s aviation pathfinders and veterans through exhibits and events
  • Provide experiences to inspire young people to explore opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
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Greetings from the Board
January 9, 2020
The Wings of the North Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Jack Larsen as President of Wings of the North organization. In this capacity Jack will be responsible fo...
Ricky Snyder “Balloon Boy” Reminisces his Unplanned Free-flight Balloon Ride
Ricky Snyder “Balloon Boy” Reminisces his Unplanned Free-flight Balloon Ride
December 26, 2019 December 14, 2019 (50 yr anniversary) Wings of the North Air Museum hosted Rick Snyder as he reminisced about his unplanned free-flight hot air balloon ...
Artifact Voices
November 25, 2019
We have posted the first of a series of short videos called Artifact Voices on our YouTube channel that we are making that describe items we have in the museum. Various docents will give vo...
BT-15 Roars to Life
BT-15 Roars to Life
September 30, 2019
Wings Restorations (the restoration arm of Wings of the North) has been restoring a Vultee BT-15 since its acquisition in 2004. After the BT-15 entered the civilian market in 1946, it spen...
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel
June 29, 2019
Wings of the North has started a YouTube channel! If you're looking for some interesting videos of what is going on around the museum or the restoration hangar, head over to our newly ...
Guest Aircraft SNB-1 “Kansan”
Guest Aircraft SNB-1 “Kansan”
June 16, 2019
The Beechcraft SNB-1 "Kansan" is a Navy version of the venerable Army AT-11 "Kanasan". During World War II, the Kansan was used extensively as a bombardier/navigator trainer and gunner...