Museum News

Nice Compliments

Recently, some visitors stopped by the museum and had this to say about it:

“We visited the Wings of the North Museum yesterday, Nov. 26th. We were fortunate to have our guide, Bob Koch, to ourselves for more than two hours. It was exceptional – the displays, the planes , the models and artwork are an amazing journey through history. The work of all of the volunteers and untold thousands of hours of work are a tribute to assuring that heroes are not forgotten and that military history continues to be a part of this country’s legacy for generations to come.

And then there are the stories – it always is about the stories attached to the artifacts. The stories were the heart of everything we learned and experienced yesterday. We are already looking forward to visiting again and attending the Expo next summer.    -Rollie and JoMarie”

We work hard to make sure all of our guests have as good a time as these two.  Come out and visit!

50 Hour Inspection

Keeping these historic aircraft safe means that they require regular maintenance to prevent any problems from occurring during flight.  Recently, Sierra Sue II had the cowling panels off for an engine inspection and we thought you might want to see what this beautiful P-51D Mustang looks like under the skin.

Sierra Sue II gets the once over as part of a 50 hour inspection.

Recent Visitors

The museum is host to all kinds of visitors.  Recently, a home school family and a Cub Scout pack visited the museum for a tour.

A home school group gets a tour of the museum gallery from Bob Jasperson.
Cub Scout Pack 123 from Edina visited the museum recently.
Cub Scout Pack 123 from Edina visited the museum recently.
Cub Scout Pack 123 from Edina visited the museum recently.
Cub Scout Pack 123 from Edina visited the museum recently.

8th Air Force Legacy Display

The 8th Air Force legacy display has arrived at the museum. It is meant to augment the book already on display of 26,000 names of the men of the 8th Air Force who did not come home. The display is loaned to the WOTN museum by the national 8th Air Force Historical Society.

Recent Museum Acquisitions

There have been several recent acquisitions at the museum.

The museum accepted a Tumansky R-25 MiG 21 jet engine from Bill Halpin who works across the field at Hummingbird. The engine is from the MiG 21 that went thru the fence at the end of runway 28R in 2012. Our thanks to Bill and the guys at Club Jet for their help.
The museum also retrieved and accepted an MJ-1 “Jammer”.  It’s a lift truck used to transport, load, and unload bombs, rockets, pylon or fuel tanks from under the wing or belly of an aircraft.  MJ-1’s have been in use since the 1950’s.  The truck and operator were loaned to us by Kraemer Mining & Materials.

About the Museum

Wings of the North operates a museum on Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  The Wings of the North Air Museum currently houses three award winning aircraft in addition to others.  The award winners are a P-51D Mustang named Sierra Sue II that saw action in Europe during World War II, an AT-6 Texan, and a Boeing N2S-1 Stearman that was used for training at the MSP Naval Air Station during WWII and was flown by future President George Herbert Walker Bush.  All the planes have been beautifully restored.  In addition to our award winning aircraft, the museum also has a TBM-3E Avenger, F4U-4 Corsair and many other aircraft that come and go throughout the year.  The museum also features aircraft engines, an ejection seat, a WWII Jeep built by Ford, an AT-11 top turret, and other displays.
The museum houses our library of aviation and military books and videos.  This is a lending library so all items are available for use for 30 days at a time and the list of library items can be accessed through our web site at 

The museum and library are open on Saturdays AND Sundays from 10AM to 2PM and at other times by appointment.

The museum is located in the southeast corner of the airport near the end of runway 36 and the control tower.

Volunteers are needed to work in the museum and on all the other WOTN projects.  Monetary sponsors are also needed.  If you can help with either please contact us.  Donations of items for the library and artifacts for the museum are also appreciated.


Wings of the North has a large library of books that you can check out. To see the list, check it out on LibraryThing.