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Welcome to the Wings of the North home page.  We are a rapidly growing organization in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  Based out out of Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) in Eden Prairie, Wings of the North is home to one of the largest air displays in Minnesota - AirExpo!  Held in July every year at FCM, AirExpo brings together people and aircraft of all type.

Latest News

New Model Collection at the Museum

The Wings of the North Air Museum is proud to announce the acquisition of a collection of 113 beautifully replicated World War II model airplanes from John Rockwell. Each aircraft is beautifully painted to represent an aviator who flew it, a mission, unit or campaign. 

Coming Soon - Corsair!

It's been a long time since the late Gerry Beck's F4U-4 corsair (BuNo. 97388/NX72378) graced the skies and the ramp at AirExpo.  It was restored by Gerry over a period of 16 years and returned to the skies in 1998.  As Gerry became more involved with his P-51A replica, he didn't fly the corsair much and so it sat at the Fargo Air Museum collecting dust.  That is about to change.  It was recently ferried back to Tri-State Aviation in Whapeton, North Dakota where it is ungoing maintenance to return it to active flying status.

B-17 Flying Fortress Model at the Museum

Bob Jasperson accepts a model of the B-17 Flying Fortress “Ten Aces” from Steve Marks, Dick Kaminski, and Raold Knutsen of the 8th Air Force Historical Society. This handmade model has a 10 foot wing span and is on loan to the Wings of the North Air Museum. Come check it out! Museum is open Saturdays 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM or by appointment.

Link Trainer Has Arrived

Link Trainer

We have added a restored Link Trainer to the collection recently.  Link Trainers were produced from the early 1930's to the 1950's by Link Aviation Devices Incorporated and were the first practical flight simulator.  They were extensively used during World War II.  For more information, check out this Wikipedia entry about them:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_Trainer

New Pictures at the Museum

Wings of the North recently received a couple of new pictures to display in the museum of Sierra Sue II.  The photograph is of former owner Roger "Doc" Christgau flying the airplane back in the 1990's.  The painting by Stan Stokes depicts the airplane in both it's Swedish "Gul Kalle" markings and in it's U.S. 9th Air Force markings.

WOTN Participates in Chamberfest.

Sierra Sue II at Chamberfest.

Wings of the North put together a display for Eden Prairie's Chamberfest on Sept 10 at the Premier Jet Center at Flying Cloud Airport.  WOTN volunteers Bob and Judy Jasperson, Steve Kaminsen and Bruce Mattson presented Sierra Sue II and other museum artifacts at the event.

Wings of the North Museum is OPEN!

Wings of the North operates a museum on Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  The Wings of the North Air Museum currently houses three award winning aircraft.  They are a P-51D Mustang named Sierra Sue II that saw action in Europe during World War II, and AT-6 Texan, and a Boeing N2S-1 Stearman that was used for training at the MSP Naval Air Station during WWII and was flown by future President George Herbert Walker Bush.  All the planes have been beautifully restored.

Congratulations to Aircorps Aviation and Paul Ehlen!

Our sincerest congratulations go out to Paul Ehlen and Aircorps Aviation for their mutual success at EAA's AirVenture with the Bush Stearman and Sierra Sue II.

Best Stearman
Paul Ehlen
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Boeing Stearman N2S-1 Kaydet, N50061
Silver Wrench
Air Corps Aviation
Bemidji, Minnesota

WOTN Aircraft at AirVenture

Wings of the North will be showing off two of our aircraft at the 2015 AirVenture at Oshkosh.  Look for both the Bush Stearman and Sierra Sue II.  We'll be sharing space with our good friends from AirCorps Aviation - the craftsmen who restored both airplanes.  Come and say hello! Rumor has it they will arrive on Suday, Jul 19 at around 16:30.



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