Volunteer of the Year Award

2019 – Christy Johnson

2018 – Dan Brooks

2017 – Pete Bauer

2016 – Faith Alt

The WINGS of the NORTH Volunteer of the Year for 2016 is one who has been volunteering for many years.  She is always making suggestions and improvements.  She was given a project that was a perennial problem area, (the WOTN GIft Shop) and ran with it, cleaning up the procedures, getting the inventory under control, and staffing the both at the airshow with her crew.  She has a  super positive outlook, and is a joy to work with.  In the last 2 years she has overseen the setup of the gift shop in the museum twice.  Yes, this year’s deserving Volunteer of the Year is Faith Alt.

Past Winners

2018 Dan Brooks
2017 Pete Bauer
2016 Faith Alt
2015 Greg Doeden
2014 Judy Jasperson
2013 Melanie Gustafson
2012 John Berg
2011 Steve Kerns
2010 Jim Maki
2009 Greg Kaminski
2008 Bruce Mattson
2007 Roy Burns
2006 Lyndy Benson
2005 Bob Jasperson