Nice Compliments

Recently, some visitors stopped by the museum and had this to say about it:

“We visited the Wings of the North Museum yesterday, Nov. 26th. We were fortunate to have our guide, Bob Koch, to ourselves for more than two hours. It was exceptional – the displays, the planes , the models and artwork are an amazing journey through history. The work of all of the volunteers and untold thousands of hours of work are a tribute to assuring that heroes are not forgotten and that military history continues to be a part of this country’s legacy for generations to come.

And then there are the stories – it always is about the stories attached to the artifacts. The stories were the heart of everything we learned and experienced yesterday. We are already looking forward to visiting again and attending the Expo next summer.    -Rollie and JoMarie”

We work hard to make sure all of our guests have as good a time as these two.  Come out and visit!