Photo Album

Wings of the North TBM-3E Avenger N93818

  • Towing the new Wings of the North TBM from the Museum Hangar out onto the ramp for a quick stretch of the wings for a photoshoot. There is a lot of ice on the ramp from the storm on Christmas Day that dumped several inches of rain on the Twin Cities, which subsequently froze.
  • Wings of the North - TBM Avenger - Taxiing to a Runup Area - Almost there!
  • The wings are unfolded and the chocks are in. Time to bring up the power a bit.
  • The wings are unfolded and the chocks are in. Time to bring up the power a bit. Note that the pilot has opened the bomb bay doors.
  • With the runup and the photo shoot almost complete, the pilot is in the process of folding the wings on this Turkey.
  • The new Wings of the North TBM Avenger stars her engine. We wanted to shoot some photos of the new plane with the wings unfolded, but the wings are moved hydraulically on this plane. While there is a hand pump for the hydraulic system, it would take a heck of a lot of pumping to unfold and re-fold the wings. We decided instead to have our TBM pilot start the engine.
  • The runup is complete, the wings are folded, and it is back to the hangar with this bird. The ice made it a challenge to push it back in. A little strategically sprinkled sand made all the difference.
  • I'm in the back of a T-6 Texan and we are on the runup pad at Flying Cloud Airport getting ready to launch for an air-to-air photo session of the newest member of the Wings of the North Museum, this beautiful TBM Avenger.