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BT-15 Roars to Life

Wings Restorations (the restoration arm of Wings of the North) has been restoring a Vultee BT-15 since its acquisition in 2004. After the BT-15 entered the civilian market in 1946, it spent its entire civilian career in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The last flight in the logbook took place in August of 1955 while owned by Edward and Chester Pachnik. This year has seen a rapid increase of restoration activities with the goal of getting the aircraft flying within a year. Over the weekend of September 28-29, 2019, the aircraft roared to life again as a test of the 450hp Wright R-975-11 Whirlwind engine. As can been seen in the video, there’s still much to do on the airplane such as recovering control surfaces, but the engine run marks major progress in the quest to get this aircraft airborne again. To learn more about the history of our BT-15, go here.

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Holiday Party

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YouTube Channel

Wings of the North has started a YouTube channel! If you’re looking for some interesting videos of what is going on around the museum or the restoration hangar, head over to our newly created YouTube channel and check it out. If you push the subscribe button in the top right corner of the page you can be notified when we publish new videos. Until we receive a custom URL, you can find the channel at:


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Guest Aircraft SNB-1 “Kansan”

The Beechcraft SNB-1 “Kansan” is a Navy version of the venerable Army AT-11 “Kanasan”. During World War II, the Kansan was used extensively as a bombardier/navigator trainer and gunnery trainer. While more than 1500 AT-11’s were built for the Army, only 110 SNB-1’s were built for the Navy. This aircraft is one of the few SNB-1 survivors and the only active one flying today. The aircraft will be on display at least through AirExpo.

A history of Beechcraft Construction Number 3815 – Navy designation SNB-1 – Bureau Number 51025 as compiled by Bob Parmerter

  • United States Navy accepted 17 Aug 1943.
  • To Naval Air Station Denver 1947.
  • To Naval Air Ordinance Training Station, Chincoteague Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Virginia 1950.
  • To Bureau of Aeronautics Maintenance & Supply, Pensacola 1951.
  • To Detroit Bureau of Aeronautics Representative, Naval Reserve Air Base, Detroit 1951-1953.
  • Struck 24 July 1957 with 3807 hrs Total Time and stored at NAF Litchfield Park, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Sold by the United States Navy Contracting Officer Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego to Thurman E. Yates, Gila, New Mexico for $5,625. Invoice dated 12 October 1957 but Bill of Sale dated 18 May 1958 (FAA forms have erroneous c/n 3906).
  • Certificate of Airworthiness & registered as SNB-1 N7275C on12 Feb 1958.
  • Exterior cabin door enlarged & jump step for smoke jumpers installed using US Forest Service drawings 10 February 1959.
  • Hartzell 3 bladed props installed 3 February 1962.
  • To Jimmie M. Grimes, Silver City, New Mexico Bill of Sale 19 August 1963 for $5,400 included spare engine & parts. [Carried El Paso Skydivers to 15,500 ft for drop at dedication of Silver City, New Mexico Airport 25 Oct 1964].
  • To Robert Iozia, El Paso, Texas/Miami Shores, Florida Bill of Sale 7 November 1968.
  • To James F. Peterson, El Paso, Texas Bill of Sale 23 May 1969.
  • To Custom Welding & Fabricating Inc, Mooringsport, Louisana Bill of Sale 2 February 1980.
  • US registration cancelled 6 March 1981 as exported to Canada.
  • To Jerry C. James, Vancouver, British Columbia Bill of Sale 4 March 1981 as C-GICC. It had Navy, Caddo Lake, Swamp Chicken markings.
  • To Courtesy Aircraft, Rockford, Illinois Bill of Sale 6 January 1984.
  • Cancelled Candian Registration 23 January 1984.
  • To Wm Russell, Raybourne Thompson, & Douglas L. Scott, Houston, Texas Bill of Sale 18 January 1984.
  • Registered 30 January 1984 as N145SC & Certificate of Airworthiness 14 February 1984.
  • Douglas L. Scott to Russell & Thompson Bill of Sale August 1984.
  • Seen March 1985 in “San Diego NAS  25” markings.
  • By October 1986 in Chinese Air Force markings.
  • By 1988 modified with working bomb bay doors, porthole cabin windows, smoke system, gun turret with propane sound effects & turret fairings.
  • US Navy “C-55” markings seen by October 1995.
  • For sale by Stetson Aircraft, Kenedy, Texas in 2006.
  • Registered to owner in Indianapolis, Indiana on 19 September 2006.
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New Display for Museum

A new display is under construction in our hangar. It will be a diorama of
a forward airfield control tower featuring our actual WWII vacuum tube and crystal field radios currently on display in the WOTN Gallery.

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