The very talented Max Haynes recently went out for a photoshoot with the F4U-4 Corsair and P-51D Mustang “Sierra Sue II” with the T-6 Texan as the photo ship.  The results are quite spectacular.

A dream flight with the 310 comes true.

Posted by MaxAir2Air on Sunday, October 8, 2017

8th Air Force Legacy Display

The 8th Air Force legacy display has arrived at the museum. It is meant to augment the book already on display of 26,000 names of the men of the 8th Air Force who did not come home. The display is loaned to the WOTN museum by the national 8th Air Force Historical Society.

Recent Museum Acquisitions

There have been several recent acquisitions at the museum.

The museum accepted a Tumansky R-25 MiG 21 jet engine from Bill Halpin who works across the field at Hummingbird. The engine is from the MiG 21 that went thru the fence at the end of runway 28R in 2012. Our thanks to Bill and the guys at Club Jet for their help.
The museum also retrieved and accepted an MJ-1 “Jammer”.  It’s a lift truck used to transport, load, and unload bombs, rockets, pylon or fuel tanks from under the wing or belly of an aircraft.  MJ-1’s have been in use since the 1950’s.  The truck and operator were loaned to us by Kraemer Mining & Materials.

Sierra Sue II Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the U.S. Air Force

The museum’s P-51 D Mustang Sierra Sue II visited the Air National Guard’s 133rd Airlift Wing at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport last weekend to help celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the US Air Force.

We were given the royal treatment by the entire crew at the wing and would like to thank Lt Colonel Gia Wilson-Mackey and her staff for their hospitality.

Attached is a picture with a couple of the airmen that helped us launch Sue on Sunday. L-R TSGT Scheress Hendricks, SRA Hayden Fowler and SMSGT Kyle Klass.

Thank you from Wings of the North.

Special Visitors

The museum has had a few special visitors over the last week.

John Christgau visited with his family to see Sierra Sue II.  John is the brother of Sierra Sue’s former longtime owner Roger Christgau.  John even wrote a book about the history of Sierra Sue II.  More information on his book is below:

John Sinclair (Sierra Sue II pilot) and John Christgau talk. John is sitting on his brother’s Corvette which is on loan to the museum from the Christgau family.

Double Centurian, (a Centurian had 100 landings on an aircraft carrier)
Retired Commander Carlton Bye and his family came to see our Corsair recently.
Flight Student Bye soloed at Flying Cloud when he was 17, enlisted at 19 in
1947 and after Naval flight training in the same class with Neil Armstrong
he was assigned to the USS Leyte flying Corsairs during the Korean conflict.
He served in VC and VR squadrons.