Special Visitors

The museum has had a few special visitors over the last week.

John Christgau visited with his family to see Sierra Sue II.  John is the brother of Sierra Sue’s former longtime owner Roger Christgau.  John even wrote a book about the history of Sierra Sue II.  More information on his book is below:

John Sinclair (Sierra Sue II pilot) and John Christgau talk. John is sitting on his brother’s Corvette which is on loan to the museum from the Christgau family.

Double Centurian, (a Centurian had 100 landings on an aircraft carrier)
Retired Commander Carlton Bye and his family came to see our Corsair recently.
Flight Student Bye soloed at Flying Cloud when he was 17, enlisted at 19 in
1947 and after Naval flight training in the same class with Neil Armstrong
he was assigned to the USS Leyte flying Corsairs during the Korean conflict.
He served in VC and VR squadrons.

Open on Labor Day

Are you looking for something interesting to do on Labor Day? Come out to the Wings of the North Air Museum between 10am and 2pm! Besides the planes, there are many cool things to see.  Check out just a few of the exhibits below.

A complete Link Trainer used to help train pilots in WWII.
The top turret from an AT-11 Kansan trainer.
1942 Ford Jeep

First Monthly Volunteer Meeting Scheduled

Attention all past, current, future, and curious volunteers!

In an effort to provide more context about our organization and what you can do as a volunteer, we are going to begin having volunteer meetings each month. For now they will be once per month. As we move forward we may add more.

The meetings will consist of a quick business meeting as well as an update on upcoming events. We will also ask any visitors or new volunteers to introduce themselves. Most of these meetings will have some type of entertainment too. This may take the form of a guest speaker or movie and discussion. All current volunteers can bring friends or family who are interested in learning more about Wings of the North!

The first meeting will be August 31 beginning at 6:30 at the Museum. Our first speaker will be our own Bob Jasperson. Bob served in the US Air Force flying over 100 missions in Vietnam. He is currently the Wings of the North Museum Director.

The September volunteer meeting will feature John Beyl, Mark Tisler and Steve Kaminson. They will be discussing the rebuild of the P-51C Mustang “Tuskegee Airmen” and Red Tail Reborn documentary. The date of this meeting is still TBD.

We’d love to see all of you there – especially those who may be new to our organization or are interested in becoming a volunteer! If you have any questions about what being a volunteer for Wings of the North entails we welcome you to join us on August 31st! Come with friends and come with questions!

An AirExpo Video…

Many thanks to Pete Rose for sharing his video and photos of AirExpo.

Pete Rose

A Word of Thanks

Dear Volunteers,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to all our volunteers for a job well done!

Over the weekend I was able to make numerous observations that lead me to believe the future of Wings of the North is bright and promising.

As you may know, most of my previous experience with Air Expo was to handle the flight line duties.

This year I was able to spend some time observing other jobs that were being done by the volunteers of Wings of the North.

I observed countless examples of people that gave 150% effort towards completing the task at hand. In many cases it may not have even been their primary job, they just picked up the ball and ran with it!

Thank you volunteers, looking forward to working with you!

Steve Kaminsen
Wings of the North